We Bags

is an idea that came to life, inspired by nature, trees and love for craftsmanship with traditional methods.
It’s the story of two friends who had the urge to rediscover the best way to implement wood as part of our daily life, and create unique accessories by giving kudos to mother nature.

Each and every one of their products carries the value of an individual object and is created in a traditional–styled workshop. Following the original methods of the old-day carpenters, every object is crafted from a certain type of wood carefully selected based on its purpose of usage.

All products are entirely hand made. None of them are filling or veneer but 100% massive wood. The designs are made in our workshop in Peristerona – Cyprus following the traditional carpentry that has been passed along to present genarations and only wood from trees allowed to be cut by law are used in the making. 


Photographer _ Rocio Chacon
Art Direction & Set Design _ Aliki Kirmitsi

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© Rocio Chacon
Design and Code: Yuval Rozin & Yotam Rozin