Irreversible Entanglements _ Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs

Curated by Alexander Stavrou, Koppel Projects, Soho, London 

ThMarch, 2020

A group show bringing together works in the form of painting, sculpture, installation, film and performance to reflect on how containment can be a tool to enable as well as for restraint. A dictionary definition of ‘containment’ is an action which keeps something harmful under control or within limits. However, what these limits are or what the thing to be contained is appear to constantly shift. As language itself is not immune to change, the dictionary definition for containment has been temporarily replaced by the nonverbal endeavours of the works in this show.  This is playfully investigated in pieces which fragment, occupy pockets of space, or hang over us as we negotiate our way through and around them. Some may appear to be separate worlds which we might peer into while others could engulf us. The array of approaches point towards the question of to what extent an entity is itself a contained unit, or an element of a system in which its context defines it.

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