Amour Amitié Proximité

"Amitié Amour Proximité," translated as "Friendship, Love, Proximity," implies a fusion of friendship, romantic love, and physical or emotional closeness.

This piece conveys the concept of a relationship that embraces both friendship and love, underscoring a tight and intimate bond between individuals.

The central theme of the project revolves around "Empower your female friends, love openly, love profoundly, embrace closeness," emphasizing the significance of fostering strong connections without fear.


Rosana Ehizele Ozgul @rosanablooms
Any Nachindandi @hey.nachindandi
Paula-Adjo Soli @paulaxsoli

Rocio Chacon

Art Direction_
Any Nachindandi & Rocio Chacon

Styling and Florist _
Rosana Ehizele Ozgul _ @bloomsbyrosana

Oxymora Studio, tops

Shot in Barcelona, 2023.

Published in > Prazzle Mag.

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