Kundai store is a brand upcycling quality vintage denim trousers hand-painted in bleach.

I worked closely with Kundai Munetsi thinking about the imagery and values of the brand. A few ideas that came from this collaboration were: the logo, which was created by exploiting the same method used in painting the jeans; superimposing the main image into a detail shot of the industrial location where we shot the first campaign, adding a sensorial feeling to the image.

A later development of the brand has also included the production of topwear using the logo as main design.

Photography _ Rocio Chacon
Art Direction & Styling _ Kundai Munetsi 
Hair Styling _ Emily Lowe/Tia Feel
Models _ Kai Tang & Emily Lowe

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© Rocio Chacon
Design and Code: Yuval Rozin & Yotam Rozin