Apotropaico is a visual fantasy finding magic forces that serve as a defence against evil, protecting from hurt, harm, sadness.

As in a sort of modern tarot, the images are thought to have cathartic and purifying influences. As individuals and within societies, we preserve belief in the face of uncertainty and mystery of life.

I want to imagine and create visions that awake our sense of magical powers that can protect us from the bad influences that feel extremely present in the shaken reality of our present.

As in traditional superstition, elements such as mirrors or shiny objects are present to deflect evil; water and other liquids remind of libations to the gods; and gestures as sticking out the tongue, or deformed faces are meant to scare evil energies away.

Sumptuosity and sensuality are also present, it is the sexual power of change, pleasure and creation that we all hold in our bodies.
Plants and flowers hold substances that change our consciousness, in their presence we create ritual and feel reenergised by their beauty and colour.

Photography & Set
Rocio Chacon @ro.ci.cha / @rocio_chacon_studio

Jiwon Oh @ohjjiwon / Sari Mizoe @sushisari3

Viviane Melo @vivianemelomua

Photo Assitant
Romina Dazzarola

Shot in London, 2023.

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