Jochen Holz

Jochen Holz is a London-based master glass maker. Specialised in lampworking, Holz transforms high quality glass tubes into one-off glassware, bespoke objects, jewellery, and neon light sculptures. By letting the process and materiality of molten glass play a central role in his practice, a high level of spontaneous decisions and intuition are present in his design.

The glassware, neon works and one-off pieces are represented in craft and gallery shops in the UK, Europe and Internationally. His creations are stoked in the UK at Momosan Shop, The New Craftsmen, London, SCP, See-ds, Make Hauser & Wirth and internationally in Jouwstore, LiveLabStudios, Apalazzo Gallery,
Grimsel Gallery, Taste Contemporary, The Future Perfect.

Photography & Set _ Rocio Chacon
Art glass pieces _ Jochen Holz

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