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February 2023, I had the priviledge to meet the dancers at JazzArt Dance Theatre in Cape Town, a company making dance and training young generations for over 49 years.

They define their mission as ´to challenge dance status quo and social stereotypes through contemporary dance training and performances that celebrate the uniqueness of our bodies as creative instruments which give voice to our African stories’.

The new generation of training dancers are full of talent and brightness. In this editorial I photographed a group of them, they shared more about their passion for dance and how they see their future.


Aphiwe Sodlamba , IG @_ _ _aphiwe
Micayle Jacobs, IG @micayle_victoria_jacobs
Zanele Salukazana, IG @the.indigo.zan
Thimna Ndwe, IG @thimna_ndwe
Onele Ndwebisa, IG @jody_blue_
Zintle Ndindwa, IG @zintle_ndindwa

Rocio Chacon

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Shot in Cape Town, 2023.
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