Far From Lost _ IcoDesign

This brand started as a response to the founder’s startling discovery – that factories and tanneries often discard pristine articles of leather simply because in their mind, they have no use. He saw an opportunity to take these remnant pieces and create limited edition wallets and leather accessories, that could then extend to other materials such as denim and cotton.

A strategic approach informed the naming, visual and verbal language and content creation, all targeted at a globally affluent audience. Art-direction highlights the personal and handcrafted nature of the products, documentary film and narrative add deeper meaning. The end result is a global brand with style, substance, and purpose.

Photography _ Rocio Chacon
Art Direction _ Ico Design
Set Design _ Aliki Kirmitsi
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© Rocio Chacon
Design and Code: Yuval Rozin & Yotam Rozin