Marie Cantenys

Marie Cantenys is a designer and a visual artist. Her approach is to develop an expertise across multiple disciplines using as a main tool the body and its shapes. After completing her studies at Central Saint Martins _ London, she worked for renowned houses and up and coming companies such as Penhaligons and ASAI, as well as developing her personal practice through collaborations.
During this time we collaborated in capturing one of her most iconic works, Skins, a collection that was centered in producing garments that would resemble a second skin. The elaborate process and the sculptural pieces inspired me to photograph in different occasions and sets this powerful, yet delicate work - see also SKINS - .
In 2018 she joined Louis Vuitton’s design studio in Paris, where continues to perfect her skills and designs to the highest industry standards. 

Photography and Set _ Rocio Chacon
Art work _ Marie Cantenys

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