A suspenseful balancing act about managing risk and finding space to flourish within precarious situations.

Six, wooden, door-sized frames, balanced upright in a row - waiting to fall like dominoes. Two people defiantly occupy this precarious space, performing a suspenseful balancing act. Skin on wood, they strain against the frames, straddling the frames like lovers. Joints creaking, they slowly queer the timber, becoming slow-moving, part-human-part-frame hybrids.

In a kaleidoscope of light, TIMBER is about reclaiming risky spaces, straining against limitation, and finding space to flourish within precarious situations. This slowly unfurling work explores the simmering power of silence, stillness, and gradual change, whilst playfully testing people’s attitudes toward risk and precariousness.

Photography _ Rocio Chacon
Creator and Choreographer _ Elinor Lewis
Creative Contributor _ Hannah Parsons
Performers _ Elinor Lewis and Hannah Parsons
Set Designer _ Hannah Sharp
Lighting Designer _ Nao Nagai
Costume Designer _ Berthe Fortin

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© Rocio Chacon
Design and Code: Yuval Rozin & Yotam Rozin