with Thimna Ndwe

My idea of resilience is the outcome and process of adapting successfully to challenging life experiences. I understand resilience because I’ve experienced it emotionally and mentally. It is really emotional because growing up I’ve had a single parent and whenever there’s cases whereby I needed both my parents, they would both argue about their past and that has really affected me. Even now, my mom is pressuring me to go to tertiary and is showing no support towards my dancing right now. It’s really draining but I’m doing my best to keep myself going because I can not do something that my heart and mind are eager to do right now. I always look back to my childhood background and where I am today and tell myself ‘I can’t give up now’. Because I’ve been through a lot to get where I am today and can’t just let go. And I believe I was born for greatness and ready for any challenge in life.

I believe dancing is not only about moving but really telling a story. Since I grew up in the situation of being raised by a single parent, both my parents have made it hard for me to open up to them. No matter what I go through it’s hard to tell anyone because I’m not used to it. When I started dancing, it really became my way to express how I feel. Every movement I do comes from deep inside because it’s the only way I can tell my story. Dance has really taught me a lot in life. I’ve learned listening to my emotions and understanding my feelings, as well as self confidence.To me, dancing is personally deep and is a reflection of something within me that I can only do with the world. I feel so free when I dance, I forget about everything.

Model & Dancer , Words _ Thimna Ndwe @thimna_ndwe
Photography & Styling _ Rocio Chacon

Shot in Cape Town, February 2023

Special thanks to Jazzart Dance Theatre, Averil Barry-Hugues,Dane Hurst, Estela Merlos and Kate Abbey
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